Monday, April 2, 2012

Non-Eventful... I'll TAKE it!

Mr M has been back at home since his surgery so I have less time to be on the computer - to blog and READ blogs.
Also, as is my pattern (as Karen C noticed), when things are going adequately, I don't "need" it as much and go kinda dark... so I guess that is a good thing...

We have also been in the throes of the COLLEGE ADMISSIONS process.
Bub applied to 10+ colleges and all the acceptances are coming in with the various aid packages (or lack thereof). So now they are all in and he has to decide WHERE he will choose.
His top 2 choices are on the east coast - all the way across the country!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!
Mama likes all her chicks in (or near) the nest!!!
But Bub has ALWAYS been the one to want to fly the coop and soar on to experience all the wonders of the world!
He is CERTAIN he won't be homesick or miss us. He may not! :)

On the plus side, it WOULD be fun to visit him in the big apple!!! I could kinda enjoy that!

Everything over here has been kind of non-eventful. I am lovin' it! In my old age - 42 - I LOVE LOVE LOVE non-eventful!!!! I will TAKE it ;)